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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What's in Your Wallet? Ten Key Factors That Put More Money in Your Wallet as a Sales Pro

Sales representatives are successful today because they gain the majority of their targeted customers business. They manage the relationship and continuously build relationship equity. That doesn’t mean they operate with the old lone wolf mentality doing everything under the sun for the customer. They are successful because they take full advantage of all the resources their company has to offer. Transactions and promos flow through a managed relationship. They also dedicate a specific amount of their time to new account development and penetration of those accounts with high potential rather than over providing service functions to existing accounts. Ten Key identifying factors that will put more money in your wallet include;

1. Not being afraid to prospect for new accounts and new business. Have enough confidence to view rejection as simply a step closer to success.

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Is Your Competition Driving You Bananas?

“Remember – if people talk behind your back, it only means you are two steps ahead.” – Fannie Flagg

This Sales Diva absolutely loves the above quote from Fannie Flagg! It happens every day doesn’t it?

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Are You The Complete Sales Package

Are you the consummate sales professional?

Do you have what it takes to do what it takes to run circles around your competition?

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Dreaming of a Corporate Christmas?

What does Christmas mean for your company? For most it means sending out a whole load of Christmas cards to their clients, wishing them a 'Merry Christmas' and a 'Happy New Year'. How nice! However, unless Rudolph-the-Red- Nosed-Reindeer is your logo; the cards you send are unlikely to have a lasting impact. That’s a whole lot of envelope licking for very little return.

"It lets your customers know that you care"

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Point Of Sale Products

As a business owner your goal of selling to your customer can be enhanced by the point of sale products that you use. The point of sale is the area in which your customer comes to in order to pay for his or her items. Whether this is on the web at an ecommerce website or if it is in a retail location, the final look at what you have to offer is quite important to the customer. Point of sale products are, in fact, likely to help you to sell whatever it is that you need to if they are used correctly as marketing medium. Here are some options that you may want to consider.

Point of sale often means the cash register, the cash drawer and the receipt printer. If you are one of the many that use these aspects, making them marketing materials can help you. For example, the placement of products that you would like to get rid of near the register allows customers who haven’t spent all that they planned to to have the opportunity to spend a little more. This is quite effective when the point of sale merchandise is “marked down” or “clearance” as they know they are getting a great price on the products.

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The Fallacy of Funnels & Forecasts

If there is one mainstay in virtually every sales office, it would have to be funnels & forecasts. Sales managers swear by them; however, I’ve found that they frequently do more harm than good.

Funnels seem like a good idea in theory. The problem with funnels, however, is that they practically scream “micromanagement.” Funnel reviews strike terror in the hearts of salespeople. They scream the words “probation” and “performance improvement plan.” Sales managers who wish to succeed need to learn some basic psychology, especially the principle of autosuggestion. Doing so will make it very clear as to why the very sound of the word funnel instantly changes salespeople’s attitudes from positive to negative and has very bad effects on sales performance.

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How Can You Tell In Advance What Will Sell On The Internet Or By Direct Mail?

Over the last 50 years I must have seen thousands of ads, mostly 2 line classified ads in opportunity magazines, trying to sell the latest in a long line of “How to Make a Fortune in Mail Order” books or systems. Most have these have been the same ol’, same ol’, regurgitated 4 page claptrap priced from $5 to $20. Occasionally there has been a full blown course or manual for $97 to $197. Since the advent of the internet, these kind of publications have been transitioned to “How to Make a Fortune on the Internet”, but still the same ol’ regurgitated claptrap.

Are any worth buying? Perhaps a few, but the $19.95 type will only make money for the shysters selling them, not the suckers buying. There are one or two about that do teach the science (or art) of Direct Mail and perhaps one or two more that effectively teach how to make money on the Internet. But these systems are usually priced well above $100.00.

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Temperature Control: Saving You Some Money

Managing temperature control effectively will save you quite a bit of money. There is no doubt that you can save money through the use of devices that will help you to regulate the temperature in any building or room. In this day and age of high fuel costs, it makes good sense to invest some time in learning the right way to go about temperature control. And, it makes sense to think wisely every time you head to change that thermostat’s settings once again. Temperature control is something that every person at the location needs to play a part in.

Temperature control in the business or commercial setting is important. You don’t want your guests to run because it is too hot or too cold in your establishment. Nor do you want to provide your employees with less than perfectly comfortable conditions for them to work in. But, there is a fine line between what is okay and what is excessive as well. Finding the happy medium, while hard, is necessary for the sanity of everyone in the location.

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Are You Choosing the Right Clients?

There isn’t a business owner alive who doesn’t want to make his or her business grow. In effect, we all want to make more money, increase client satisfaction and derive great fulfillment from our efforts. But if you’re working with a client that is difficult, unappreciative or impossible to satisfy, there’s little room for fulfillment and certainly no room for satisfaction. So, while a potential client is choosing your services, you too are making a choice and are always in the position of saying yes or no to making that person your client.

Connecting with the right people!

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Dayton OH is a Great American City

Dayton OH sure has a lot going for it. Everyone likes the Big Air Show and Aviation Conference. Wow, what a show. If you are an aviation buff you should not miss it. In fact our Commander in Chief also visited there for the Air Show event signifying the Wright Bros. Makes me feel comfortable that everyone is Pro-Dayton and that means jobs and a strong economic future too.

Ohio is getting some juice politically and in the last election it proved to be the final battleground, many knew it would. Ohio has always been big in politics. It is also good to see that the political and government structure is working hard in Dayton to promote a positive and seamless goal with the Dayton Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Association to revitalize downtown. It is looking better all the time.

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The Mobile Washing Businesses and Environmental Requirements

If you are running a mobile washing business you need to consider the importance of environmental controls to prevent dirty and polluted wash water from entering the storm drains. Not only is it the law but it is important for our Nations fresh water supplies.

You may wish to know that solvents, like diesel fuel can pollute one million gallons of water with only one gallon of solvent. We run a mobile washing company and have put units in 23-states, our system blocks of storm drains and vacuums up the water for later discharge at a POTW, generally. However there are several different vendors who build custom units for us and others in the industry for various types of cleaning, such as rail cars, truck washing, washouts, forklifts and oil stains on gas station facilities.

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Robotic Starbucks Drive Thru

Have you been into a Starbucks Drive-Thru location lately? If you go inside you see that the employees are working very hard to move the long line of cars. Each order is unique and customized, which is part of Starbuck’s hallmark. It is hard to find employees like Starbuck’s Legendary Service Specialists to work at that fast pace with that level of precision. It seems the work ethic in the United States is problematic in that regard. Starbucks has to go through hundreds of applications to find these wonder team partner employees who will give their all and really pour their hearts into it.

Even with the strong brand name of Starbucks driving its record number of applicants, it still is difficult to fill those jobs with just the right employee. I therefore propose fully robotic Starbucks drive-thrus. The customer will be presented with a touch screen menu as they drive up, asking their preferences. The customer will make the order and the computer will send these instructions to robotic barista, which will prepare the custom coffee order and deliver it to the window at exactly the right temperature as per the order. The customer will press the release button on the robotic arm so that there will be no spilling of hot coffee, as the customer will at that point have complete control.

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Ten Steps To Establishing Yourself As An Expert: Steps 5 and 6


An expert is useless unless he or she is credible. Credibility comes through any number of ways, none of which actually have to be based on reality. Once again, perception is King.

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Bartering A Great Way to Trade

Before you hit the back button thinking bartering went out of fashion when money came along. Think again. Bartering has not only thrived all this while, it has made a come back in the business world in a big way. If the International Reciprocal Trade Association is any indication, bartering today is a whopping six-billion-dollar business-to-business success story worldwide. And it is expected to grow by more than ten percent annually.

Bartering down the ages

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Business Structure

Each company, firm, joint venture, stock-holding company, concern, bank, fund has its own complicated business structure and the stuff which is necessary for the work. But still there are some general principles how to organize the work at the enterprise. We’ll try to give you some information about it.

The Managing Director or the Chief Executive or President is the head of the company. The company is usually run by a Board of Directors – each Director is in charge of a department. The Chairman of the Boards is in overall control and may not be the head of any department. Vice-President or Vice-Chairman is at the head of the company if the President or the Chairman is absent or ill.

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Changes in Fire Safety Legislation

The Future of Fire Safety Legislation Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Current fire safety Laws detail employers and others' with responsibilities for people's safety if there is an out break of fire. At present there are various pieces of legislation that contain fire safety provisions, which makes it difficult for people to know what is applicable to them and their business in respect of complying with the Law.

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Online Florist Beyond Blossoms Announces New Blog About Flowers

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Stay at Home Mom Makes It Big on the Internet for "Christmas Cards"

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Five Reasons to Incorporate a Company Offshore

When it comes to the term ‘offshore’ used in conjunction with company incorporation, the term ‘offshore’ generally refers to any jurisdiction other than one in which the company incorporated will conduct the majority of its activities.

Usually such a jurisdiction has some degree of taxation or reporting benefit attached that makes it attractive to the company owner, and the concept of incorporating a company offshore will bring at least one of the following five benefits to a business owner: -

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Business is Business Even When It's an Online Business

Never forget that an online business must still adopt sound business practices to succeed. Your goal should be to work at the business and not for the business.

Work towards the goal of you not being necessary to the business for it to run successfully.

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How To Start Now

How is not as important as Where to start and when.

Where to start and focus your energy is usually a tricky thing to try and determine with any sense of accuracy. There are so many good ideas that end up being complete dogs down the road.

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3 Ways You Can Find Cell Phone Numbers

There are many options when you want to find cell phone numbers on the Internet. Although none of them are guaranteed, with a little bit of work, and a lot of luck, you might find the cell number that you're looking for.

These Internet-based services for finding cell phone numbers are broken into three major categories. The first category is Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup. This service attempts to give you the name of the cell phone subscriber when you provide the cell phone number.

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Banking on Good Banks: Guidelines to Help You Choose the Right Bank for You

More often than not, we make decisions impulsively, without dwelling on too much thought about what we want and without considering other options, guidelines and criteria to base our decisions with. We can always get away with this on small decisions such as deciding on the flavor of Starbucks coffee we want; whether this is decaf or not; medium or large; with cream or without and many other trivial options.

This is okay but this is not applicable when we are considering things that concern the financial aspect of our lives - financing, refinancing, mortgages, insurance, investments and yes, even choosing the bank where we could save and store our money. Here are some guidelines you have to consider when you want to invest portions of your money into banks:

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Finding Air Transport

There are a variety of options open to you for air transport. You will find that these options are very versatile in several ways. They all use the principals of flying but they also allow for some of the most amazing types of air transport out there. Getting around has never been grander and more and more people are taking advantage of flying in various air transport mechanisms.

While just a decade ago many people would tell you that they had not had the opportunity to be in any sort of air transport, now they will tell you differently. Air transport has become an important part of life and life’s adventures.

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Mergers And Acquisitions, What Are They?

Mergers and acquisitions happen just about every business day of the year. You may not hear about many of them, mainly because they are low key companies. But, having the inside scoop on the latest and greatest mergers and acquisitions can help you to keep your head above water as well. What are these and why are they so important anyway? If you are not sure what mergers and acquisitions are, let's talk for a moment about that.

In the simplest of terms, a merger is the combining of two companies. Of course, there will be rules, laws as well as a long list of contracts to cover all of the basics and then some. The acquisition is different because in this case the companies will become one, but one is buying the other. It is not a combined effort to rule together so to speak but one company out right purchasing the other. That is the most basic of understanding for what mergers and acquisitions are.

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The Value Of Safety Videos

Safety videos can provide many excellent resources for you and for your employees. What are they and how can they help your organization? First, realize that safety videos are full of valuable information. They can teach and provide that information on just about any safety related topic quite simply. And, more importantly, effectively. If you have problems with workmen's compensation or employees following state and local safety regulations, consider the purchase and installation of various safety videos.

For example, one of the most common workmen's compensation claims has to do with back pain. Most of the time, people do not realize that there is a good and a bad way to lift heavy items. So, they just bend down and lift. But, lifting from your back can cause any number of problems including painful tears, stretches and even problems with the spine. If employees are taught to lift with their legs instead, they can help to reduce the injuries that could happen. Providing safety videos to help bring to the front this issue would not only allow them to hear what you need them to do but to see it.

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EPA Regualtions Raise the Bar for Industial Air Quality Testing

Far-reaching environmental legislation continues to change the way Americans live, work, and run their businesses. For the past decade and a half, companies have worked toward meeting the latest air quality standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In 2005, regulations introduced by the Clean Air Act of 1990 came into full effect with the goal of reducing harmful emissions by 57-billion pounds per year. The act continues to have a huge impact both economically and environmentally as it targets the sources of urban air pollution, acid rain, and stratospheric ozone depletion.

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The 10 'Silliest Bits of Advice' to Ignore when Buying or Running a Business

As soon as you talk to friends and associates about going into business there will be no shortage of tips, advice and guidance offered to you. It's important to talk with others who have are experienced in business, especially those who have been successful. Think twice about taking advice from anyone in business without a successful track record. This includes advisers whose advice contradicts that given by highly successful business owners.

The following are 10 bits of advice which are straight out silly and stupid. If you are ever contemplating buying or running a business make sure you ignore these so called "pearls of wisdom" when they are "thrown" at you.

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Treat Your Company's Stock Like Any Other Product Or Service

If you have a public company, or are anticipating taking your company public, the subject of stock support, often ignored, should be a critical part of your corporate planning.

It is the foundation for the success of your stock values. This is how you will ensure that your share price is at its highest possible level at the time a buyout or merger offer is made for your company.

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Finding The Perfect Corporate Business Gift

We have all been there, at one time or other, wondering just what to get that miserable boss!

Miserable in the sense that he or she has to put up with you all year long. The corporate world works both ways so take some pity, show your boss or bosses how much you appreciate their tenacity, tolerance and iron-will persistence. Give that 'never say die' boss an unique token of your collective goodwill. Treat them to something special this time around.

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How To Grow Your Business On A Shoestring Budget

There are three, and only three, ways to increase (grow) your business. These are:

1. Get more customers;
2. Get your customers to buy more;
3. Get your customers to buy more often.

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How To Survive & Thrive In Any Business

Ever since she was a small girl, Geraldine wanted to have her own business. As she grew up she gradually decided that, as she loved beautiful clothes, she would save up her money and open a boutique.

By the time she was 25, Geraldine had saved enough money to realize her dream. So she set about finding a vacant store, securing a long lease, buying fittings and fixtures and bringing in stock. By the time opening day came, Geraldine was tired, broke but happy. She had realized her dream; she had her own business.

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Real Estate Agent's Family Goes Without Food and Shelter

This “headline” would not surprise you if you were reading about an agent’s family who lived in the recent hurricane disaster areas of Louisiana, or even Texas. You could not conceive of this happening to an agent living in an area that has experienced the recent buyers feeding frenzy. Yet, there are an increasing number of agents who are willing to discount their commissions. How will you compete and also care for your family? Consider this. When selling a home, the total commissions are split 50/50 between the selling and the buying agents’ brokers. At the brokers’ office, the commissions are further split to pay for the “services” provided by the broker to the agent. This is generally about 30%. Now the agent has to pay for Income taxes as we all do. This also amounts to about 30%. What remains is the “salary” the agent feeds his/her family on.

The agent actually only receives only 33% of the 50% his broker receives. Putting it another way, take a dollar bill, and tear it in half. Then tear one of the “halves” into thirds. One third for the broker, one third for taxes, with the final third representing the agent’s commission.

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Are You Doing Great Work? Or Merely Good Work?

Milton Glaser

You may not know the name of Milton Glaser, but you probably know at least one of his works of art – the “I 'Heart' NY” logo. In his book, Art is Work, Glaser provides these provocative definitions of work

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Is Perfectionism Blocking Your Success?

Are you waiting for the sun, moon and stars to be in perfect alignment before you take a step to do something that you would love to do?

Are you "waiting" to be better off financially before you take a risk?

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Am I Meant to Mentor? Five Attributes of Best in Class Mentors

As a young consultant I really thought I had it all together. I was getting great ratings, great raises, and wonderful accolades from clients. Because I (in my own mind) thought I was such hot stuff, I was not active in seeking out advice from more experienced colleagues. After all, what could they teach me?

As I matured from an inexperienced hot-shot to an experienced manager, I developed a much stronger appreciation for the wisdom my more experienced colleagues could impart. This appreciation didn't happen naturally; I had to get my butt chewed off a bunch of times to realize that a wiser and more experienced colleague could help me get through the tough times and learn from my mistakes. I also needed a wiser colleague to hold a mirror up to my face to help me see my weaknesses. I needed (and still need) a mentor to help me be more effective as a leader.

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It's Not What You Think Coach, It's What You Do

If you are like the leader or employees in the research we have conducted, you would have little difficulty describing the elements in an effective coaching session. Even ineffective leaders could correctly define what should occur. The difference was that the ineffective leader was inhibited or could not apply or enact the desired behaviors when asked to do so in a real-time coaching session. The effective leaders, on the other hand, were able to apply the desired behaviors.

What causes the discrepancy between knowing what to do and actually doing it? Our best guess is that most managers have the knowledge because they have been exposed to a wide number of good coaching models, both in an organizational setting and off the job – a teacher, minister, friend, professional counselor, etc. Add to this the constant flow of information and literature on effective people skills for leaders. Leaders are also employees, and they know how they would want to be treated by their boss in a coaching session. When you add all of this up, it is not surprising that leaders have adequate sources of information to formulate an accurate mental picture of quality coaching.

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Life Coach � Excuse Me?

What is a life coach, anyway? I asked that question of my friend, Elaine, who had just completed her training at Coach Institute. She told me, “Therapy is about the past. Life Coaching is about the future.” Okay, that helps some.

She went on to say that in therapy, people look to the past to solve their problems in the present. But in life coaching, they learn skills and tools to move forward into the future. It’s not about healing, so much as it is about training. It’s also about getting to know yourself and your own talents so that you can make a living doing something you really love and are good at.

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Find Out the Responsiblities of Your Life Coach

Congratulations on deciding to propel your life forward to new heights with the help of a life coach--no doubt it was a difficult step to take and involved a lot of homework to find the perfect life coach for you. A strong and excellent decision it was to make, so now let us insure your investment in yourself by providing insights into the responsibilities that your life coach has to you.

First and foremost your life coach is responsible for having you sign an agreement with him or her. This is in order to establish some ground rules (e.g., logistics, fees, scheduling, and inclusion of others if appropriate). Make sure that your agreement includes a privacy and confidentiality statement. This is critical in protecting yourself and future discoveries, developments, and creations you might make during a session or ideas you share with your coach. Do, however, be aware that coaches are legally bound to report certain activities that would bring harm to you or others.

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To Make a Good Impression At Work 50 Great Ways To Be Impressive

1. Go that extra mile.

2. Offer to do something, whether leading a project, writing a report; before being asked.

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How Appetizing Is Your Feedback? (How to Motivate with Positive Communication)

Recently, I was watching a rerun of the successful television show, The Cosby Show. The patriarch of this professional family (He is a doctor and his wife is a lawyer.) played by Bill Cosby, was just told by his college-bound daughter that the boyfriend she brought home to meet him was really her fiancé. He was disappointed with the news. Disappointed not in the young man or what he did (he was a “maintenance engineer”), but in the way he was told about this engagement.

Mr. Cosby said that the way he was told was like taking a sizzling, delicious, robust T-bone steak and serving it on a garbage can lid. It’s not too appetizing. You know the steak is delicious, but would we really want to eat it? It’s not too appetizing.

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Communication Problem? What Does That Mean Exactly?

"WE HAVE a communication problem." Often this is the response I hear when I ask a couple why they've come for marriage counseling. When I start questioning them about what this statement really means, I get a variety of responses.

One woman blurted out that she is absolutely panicked about their financial future. Everything she reads predicts that she and her husband aren't going to have enough for retirement. On further questioning I find that she resents her husband because he's been in charge of their savings and somehow she thinks he should have saved more.

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Hire A Dream Coach to Find & Fulfill Your Dreams

Definition of Coaching
Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life. In each meeting or call, the Coach listens and contributes observations and questions. This interaction creates clarity and moves the distributor into action.

Coaching accelerates progress by providing focus and awareness. It concentrates on where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future, recognizing that results are a matter of the intentions, choices and actions, Supported by a good Coach's efforts and application of the coaching process, amazing things can happen.

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Developmental Coaching

At CMOE, we often run the risk of implying that our Coaching Skills model is for corrective coaching only. But what we find is many leaders and organizations are interested in developmental coaching. In fact, the Coaching Skills model is equally effective in developmental situations.

So, what does developmental coaching mean? For us, it represents the last frontier of coaching. It is the point where employees are more fully functional. It is where you do the final “tuning” in terms of helping create complete trust, total responsibility, and entrepreneurial partners in your operation. As we see it, you are doing a type of coaching that encourages the employee to take more and wiser risks, engage in more self expression, and discover what lasting contribution they can make. This is a confidence-building process and a creative stage for employees. It gives them a chance to define a personal mission beyond simple organizational advancement. The beauty of developmental coaching is that it doesn’t require advancement and promotion. What you are doing is maximizing their self-esteem.

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Executive Coaching: What Makes Us Want to be Coached?

What would make Executives want to coach or be coached? The simple answer to this question is if their compensation is tied to their coaching performance. However, our fear we express is that this would mandate the coaching opportunities and not guarantee quality coaching interactions between executives and others. We believe coaching is easier and more worth while for executives when they are provided with one-on-one help in how to coach. We are suggesting a coaching-the coach relationship similar to the one-on-one help executives receive in public speaking, press relations, financial matters, or other skills that are not automatic. A coaching-the-coach approach can help executives in fulfilling the coaching role, instead of just adding a new item to their job descriptions.

The coach can be someone from HR, as long as he or she doesn’t take on the actual coaching responsibility. It can also be a peer or an external person. Although not exclusive, here are types of help a coach can provide the executive:

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Do Miracle Cures for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Phobias Really Exist?

Everyone who has anxiety just wants to get rid of it. Many therapists, some of them unscrupulous, lure desperate sufferers by promising that anxiety can “evaporate”, “float away” or “disappear”. It seldom does, especially using their flawed and expensive gimmicks. The chances are you already know this. Most of the therapists that use such language are either charging a high hourly rate for weekly sessions which in the long term achieve little, or are selling an equally expensive “programme” or “system”. They are not all con-artists, some of them believe in their techniques for good reason: they have helped stressed-out professionals to relax a little or a down-in-the-dumps widow’s mood to lift. They, by and large, have not cured anxiety and, although they may well be full of anecdotes, they can not produce living examples or peer reviewed statistical evidence that supports them. Often they tell you how frustrated they are that the medical profession will not accept them. The medical profession, arrogant and backward as it can be, has good reason to be suspicious. So if miracle cures do not exist then what help is there for you? Plenty! As while instantaneous miracles do not occur you can make changes which will permanently free you from your anxiety and panic. At I have listed some of the therapies I have used and comment on their efficacy. Often it won’t be quick, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. If I were you I’d, right now, give yourself permission to take as long as you need to overcome your anxiety; better that it takes a year and works than having it fail in two weeks. At the same time, paradoxically, you should be open to the idea of being free of it much sooner. I say ‘be open to the idea’ don’t grasp it and demand an instant cure.

Here’s my advice, as an ex-sufferer:

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My Life As A Life On Purpose Coach

Have you ever reflected back over your life and the people who have made significant contributions to where you are today? When I do, one person who comes immediately to mind is Judy Billman, my first coach. I hired Judy back in the mid 80's when no one knew what a 'business coach' was, so Judy called herself a business consultant. Lucky for me, she was really a coach. Most of our work together was having me look within myself and seeing 'who I was being that was keeping my foot nailed to the floor,' one of Judy's phrases that has stuck with me.

Through working with Judy, I learned there's a coach within all of us, because there's a desire to serve and contribute to others. I also learned the tremendous power that's available in a coaching relationship. So much so, that when I eventually sold my veterinary practice, the goal which I'd hired Judy to help me fulfill, I added being a coach to my dream list of also wanting to be a freelance writer and speaker.

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You Know Your Life Is On Purpose When You Can Witness Your Inherited Purpose

"If you are able to stay alert and present at that time (that the pain-body awakens) and watch whatever you feel within, rather than be taken over by it, it affords an opportunity for the most powerful spiritual practice, and a rapid transmutation of all past pain becomes possible." Eckhart Tolle -- The Power of Now

As I was rereading Eckhart Tolle's insightful book, The Power of Now, this week I came across the above quote, and knew I had to share it with this community of purposeful people. For me, it's really at the crux of the work that transforms people's lives. It's also why in the Life On Purpose Process, one of the major steps that precedes clarifying your life purpose is to unmask or uncover your Inherited Purpose, which I believe is analogous to the 'pain-body' that Tolle is referring to.

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The Power of Witnessing and Segment Intending

I love it when I come across something in reading that makes an immediate and significant contribution to my life. And I particularly love it when I run across two such things that appear to work synergistically.

That's what happened this week, a particularly challenging week for me, in large part because my daughter, Amber, came down with the chicken pox. Amber is rarely sick and hasn't been this sick since she was 3 or 4. (She's now almost 13), so I found myself 'off purpose' a fair amount of time.

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Achieve Your Business Results Through Executive Coaching That Yields a 500% Plus ROI

What if you could have a 500% plus return for very dollar that you invested in your employees? What would that mean for your business? Possibly right now you are thinking that this is not possible and even if it was, any business owner would jump at the chance for such an incredible investment?

First, it is true. So begin looking for that jump rope. According to a recent report by MetrixGlobal for a Fortune 500 company, executive coaching provided a 529% return on investment. This report is supported by other research including Dell Computers. Half of the 761 senior managers at Dell Computer Corporation recently received executive coaching within a two-year time period. Dell has been actively monitoring these managers through pre-determined measurements. One of these criterion indicates that executives who received coaching tended to be promoted more often than those who were not coached.

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Becoming Who You Truly Are

Wisdom and compassion are linked together. One cannot be truly compassionate without having wisdom. Wisdom is seeing the world as it really is.

Once you recognize compassion you will have wisdom, when you have wisdom you will feel compassion. As human beings we all try our best to bring about a world based on kindness and compassion.

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People in the World Are Changing, Why is This Happening?

In my work I have recently noticed that many people are going through some tough times. I have also noticed that when people start to become spiritually aware their tough times do not seen to last as long as someone that is unaware.

When my clients visit me the question I often get asked is, how do I feel about the way the world and the people in the world are changing and why do I think this is happening?

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What is Personal Growth?

I have been asked many times, what is personal growth? or how can I grow as a person?

Well, I thought maybe I should try and answer this question.

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Your Spiritual Awakening

If you are looking for enlightenment, you may ask yourself where do I begin?

There is only one place you can start your journey of enlightenment, and that is your life’s journey.

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Key to Meditation: Breathe In, Breathe Out!

As I sat on my covered porch this morning meditating (ever-so-briefly), I listened to the thunder roll in from the northwest. The birds ran for cover leaving only the soft rain on the roof as it gently lulled me into a deeper reality.

It's just 9:30 a.m. I've been on two conference calls since 8 a.m. and revised a deal presentation for a good friend and client. They are very important to me -- both the deal and my client/friend. The soft rain and the rolling thunder, like the Spirit's voice, softly beckons me to merge with creativity this morning. That's really important.

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