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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Best Halloween Costumes and Halloween Costumes

Creative Halloween costumes are the focus of many mothers who are stretching their imaginations to find clever disguises for their children's trick or treat time or Halloween carnival. The best Halloween costumes might win prizes, or at least get the attention of other partygoers. The best Halloween costumes are sometimes planned for an entire year, and the focus on what one will wear on the big Halloween night is dominant for weeks before Halloween arrives.

But, before getting creative with creative Halloween costumes, perhaps a reevaluation of what creative Halloween costumes are portraying and what the best Halloween costumes generally speak of, should be undertaken. As innocent as miniature black witches and small orange pumpkins with legs are, they might be demonstrating a message that Christians want to stay away from. Living in the world and not being of the world is not easy, but is definitely a call on every Christian's life. Before attempting the best Halloween costumes ever, conduct a little research on the origins of Halloween and what scripture has to say about the whole affair. Also, click the links below to take an enlightening quiz on Halloween.

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