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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Your Guide To Clear Heart Arteries

Are you trying to achieve clear heart arteries and blood vessels? There are many supplements out on the market available to help you live a more heart-healthy life. In the fast paced world of today it can be hard to maintain a strict heart smart diet, so here are some supplements that can keep your heart healthy and strong.

COQ10, an abbreviation for coenzyme Q10, is a compound that can be found naturally produced in the human body. As a co-enzyme, it aids other enzymes functioning. It is needed by every cell in the body to produce energy to digest our food, heal our wounds, and keep our muscles healthy. COQ10 is found in high concentrations in the heart, so it’s best to keep your COQ10 levels high. It has an ability to strengthen the heart muscle and help prevent heart disease and heart attacks. Many patients in hospitals with congestive heart failure’s health markedly improved once they began a COQ10 regimen.

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