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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why Post Articles on Article Sites and Improvements for Them

Some ask why should I post my articles on someone else’s website? Well for one they probably get better traffic. Two, people can read your article and it will link back you anyway. Three, you save bandwidth hosting. Four, because people coming to your sites for information can search the article site for the articles you wrote and others have written and because, they have your content instead of you having to host it, maintain it, build it and make sure all the key words and meta tags are perfectly correct to get the traffic, plus, there is no way you can get the search engine ranking on one article or 50 articles you write that they can.

Articles sites should know that generally people look to the right when reading, but 15% of the people look to the left and over shoot the next sentence start. There are ways to make the reader see those AdSense ads more. For instance place some on the top, some on the right side and have the menu bar below the articles, this way they have to read the article before going to the next page or clicking out. Giving them more time to see the ads. Also easy to load borders around the ads might set them a apart. A study at MIT suggested the eye wants to fill in borders, which do not exist. But if you have a zig zag border which stops and then starts again it makes people look. Also a slight pattern fluctuation on the far side of the ads attracts the eyes. I think article sites need to also cut down the width of the ads too. So the ads are more centered, this is what Main News Papers and Magazines do; Look at the Biz Journals sites. Think on this.

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