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Saturday, October 22, 2005

What Are the Best Small Business Opportunities?

What are the best small business opportunities? I could just throw a list of opportunities at you and tell you that I had thoroughly researched the topic and found that these, the ones I've listed for you here, are hands down the best small business opportunities out there. Some of you might say "great, I'll choose one of these". The more astute reader would be inclined to say "oh yeah, the best how, or according to who"?

No one opportunity is the best for everyone reading this. We all have our own priorities and preferences to consider. Instead of trying to give you a "top ten list" of the best small business opportunities, I would rather give you a list of criteria to consider when choosing an opportunity. That way I'm teaching you how to compare all of the possibilities you might run into instead of just pushing you in a direction that might work well for me and poorly for you.

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