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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Web Design: Photograph Copyright Issues

When designing a web page, you need to be careful about what pictures you use. Many people simply grab them off Google - they see a picture they like, and they put it on their web site. Unfortunately, copyright law protects the person who took the picture as the owner - if you’re not careful you could end up facing a lawsuit.

Copyright law gives rights to anyone whose creativity results in some expression - in the case of photographs, that means the photographer. If you don’t have express permission to use a picture or image on your site, you ought to be careful about doing so. Someone, somewhere, probably owns it, and they may not be too happy if they find it on your site. Many webmasters find out the hard way - they use hundreds of pictures, straight from google, without dealing with the owner. They end up facing a suit, forced to defend it or pay much more money than they made running their site back to the owner.

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