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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Unbelievable Nutritional Value of Wheatgrass Juice

What is wheatgrass? According to the Fall 2000 edition of the Creative Health Institute's newsletter, "Wheatgrass is a plant that is grown from the Red Wheatberry, a special strain of wheat." Wheatgrass is frequently referred to as a "complete" food because it contains significant amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes--many of the nutritional components needed daily by the human body for good health. Drinking fresh wheatgrass juice is much like taking a multi-vitamin supplement, but with the addition of natural energy boosters. In fact, the nutritional breakdown, according to an August 2003 email newsletter from the Creative Health Institute, is shown below:

Protein, 1.959; Calories, 21.0 Cal; Carbohydrates total, 2.09; Moisture, 959; Ash, .0489; Magnesium, 24 mg; Selenium, <1 ppm; Potassium, 1.479; Zinc, 0.33g; Phosphorus, 75.2g; Calcium, 24.2 mg; Sodium. 10.3 mg; Iron, 061 mg; Vitamin A, 427 ILI 9 Vitamin 81, 0.08 mg, Vitamin B2, 0.13 mg; Vitamin B3, 0.11 mg; Vitamin B5,6.0 mg; Vitamin, 96.0.2 mg, Bitarnin B12, <1 mcg; Vitamin C, 3.65 mg; Vitamin E, 15.2 IU; Folic Acid, 29 mcg; Blotin, 10 mcg; Dietary Fiber, total 0.1g; Lecithin, food 0.03 g; Chlorophyl, 42.2 mg; Choline, 92.4 mg; Aspartic: Acid, 260 mg; L-Arginine, 135 mg.

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