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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Training and Hypertrophy Gain Size!

There are three different types of muscle tissue in the human body: cardiac muscle, which is only in the heart; smooth muscle, which is found in organs & blood vessels; and of course skeletal muscle, which is found all over the body and is responsible for movement. All three of these muscle types have distinctly different anatomical structure and function in the body.

We know that muscles get bigger and stronger when put under stress, which is called adaption. Which simply means that the muscle is preparing itself in case it’s put under the same type of stress again. An analogy is calluses on your hand, if you rub your hand on a course surface causing enough friction eventually the skin adapts by building up calluses, thus protecting it self from future happenings. Muscle reacts much the same way, if you train them or put them under enough stress they will adapt to this stress by growing bigger and stronger. So the next time you train them they will be capable of handling this new level of stress. Now obviously that is a very basic explanation, but hang on to your dumbbells we’ll get more in depth!

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