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Monday, October 24, 2005

Strontium Supplements Guide

These days, strontium supplements have begun to really take hold as a popular nutritional supplement. The latest research into strontium consumption has begun to reveal that this mineral can have a major positive effect on your health. Strontium is a crucial mineral for good bone health. In addition, it decreases your chances at getting dental cavities, and reduces bone pain of lesions that may develop when certain cancers thrive.

Many people wonder why a supplement such as strontium is necessary. As humans, we used to consume all the strontium we needed through drinking water. Since strontium is naturally present in water and soil, we got all we needed. However, agriculture commercialized and soon used new techniques. As a result, the minerals in the soil as of late have been severely depleted. ItÂ’s now tough for us to get the minerals we need such as strontium.

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