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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Static Contraction Delivers Maximum Muscle From 1 Minute Strength Training Workouts

For those who spend more than 1 minute on strength training workouts, you are wasting your valuable time! Wouldn't you want to strength train in the most effective, scientifically feasible way, and increase your muscle and strength by multiple percentages?

One (1) minute muscle developing workouts are done ONCE per week or less. That calculates to maximally 4 minutes of strength training exercises per month! I am sure many people are saying that I have gone mad. The famous words, "he's got to be kidding" are ringing vigorously in my ears. Dear reader, I am NOT kidding! Thousands of people are now exercising less while getting tremendously better results. It is not just me stating this; the scientific documentation by far speaks louder than our conversation.

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