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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Search Engine Marketing � Are You Ready?

At our office, I talk with dealers all day. It is amazing how many dealers me tell that they aren’t ready to use search engine marketing. They all seem to know the buzz about it. ( I like to think we helped create that buzz.) They all agree that it is on their radar screen and going to pull the trigger on it soon. But it still begs the question –“Are you ready?”

I want to say that we are now going to enter into an age of next generation websites. These next generation Internet sites aren’t going to look or feel different but the accountability is going to change. Dealers are going to look at how they spend their Internet money, how they can improve conversion on their site, and how they can get a Return on Investment that they are putting into their site. Dealers are catching on to the press that shows that Search Marketing provides the highest returns of any media out there.

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