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Monday, October 24, 2005

Quick Hair Removal Solutions: Understanding How Laser Hair Removal Works

The quintessential quick hair removal solution is beyond doubt laser hair removal today. In a day and age that is being punctuated with a phenomenal growth of personal beauty treatments, quick hair removal solutions have come of age. A clinically precise technology with diverse applicability available at a price that wont blow a hole in your pocket will be a rocketing success. laser hair removal surely is showing signs of being just that.

The fundamental question is of course as a quick hair removal solution how exactly does laser hair removal work its magic? A root analysis is important even for the least discerning seeker of hair removal solutions. Here is the inside dope on this marvelous technology: Human hair grows from under the base of the skin where the bulb of the hair is situated. To permanently inhibit this growth, the bulb needs to be destabilized, some thing that permanent hair removal solutions such as laser hair removal do. Hair growth occurs in phases, and the ‘active phase’ of growth is when the bulb destabilization yields long term results, and therefore laser hair removal is commonly done as a series of treatments.

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