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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Producing Ezines for Growing Your Business

What an ezine is ?
An ezine is an electronic newsletter sent out by email at intervals of your choice to a list of subscribers. An ezine is a mutual bargain, a kind of compromise between editor and his subscribers.

How comes that ? Let's see :
Every ezine has a topic : marketing, humor, gardening, sports, etc... An ezine can and should contain lots of helpful information and resources related to its topic. Everyone interested to receive these information, subscribe to ezine. On the other hand, besides all above information and stuff, the publisher delivers and materials promoting his business. The bargain I've spoke before is simple: subscribers agree to receive promotion materials altogether with other information they are interested in.

An ezines is an excellent recruitment tool for your business. Let's say you sell books online through your website. If you chose 'new issues' as topic for your ezine, you will recruit more prospects for your venture saying "come here to see the newest books" than saying "come here to buy the newest books".

Ezines are very efficient in business development. From the very beginning I can say that they target the market(s) you are trying to reach with your products and services. As I said before every ezine has a topic. By choosing this topic close related to your business you may be sure that your subscribers are interested by your business as well, because they enjoy the ezines' topic.

I already told you above that ezines are perfect promotion tools by delivering advertising materials to subscribers.

I can tell a day or two about ezines and how they can help to grow a business. I just want to tell you something very important. If you decide to publish an ezine, you must learn that there is a lot of work to producing a quality one. You should pay a special attention to the following items:

  1. How to discover your real audience - the ones who want what you have.
  2. If is better to write your own content than using someone else's.
  3. How to choose an attention-getting, enticing name for your email newsletter.
  4. What popular sections you can choose to include in your own ezine.
  5. Editing in plain text vs. HTML - what you must know before making this choice!
  6. Resources for building your subscriber base fast.
  7. Places to submit your ezine to gain more exposure and more subscribers.
  8. How to sell advertising and the amount of money you'll make.
And the list may continue. Only by reading these 8 points you can see that publishing an ezine means work and abilities. It's hard but not impossible, you may learn by doing, from articles and books or talking with experienced publishers.

Valerian Dinca is editor of Morning Co~free ezine. This is not like other ezines, you get what you need when you need it.

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