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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Our Guide To The Astragalus Root

Astragalus root, or astragalus membranaceous as it is commonly known in scientific circles, is an herbal supplement that can pack a punch for your health. An herbal remedy, astragalus comes from the pea family, and it’s been used for literally thousands of years in places such as China for therapeutically healing.

One thing that astragalus root has been made famous for is its ability to boost the immune system. While this isn’t what the Chinese used astragalus for, Western medicine has discovered that astragalus helps to stimulate the body by producing a substance known as interferon while boosting red blood cell formation. Interferon, an anti viral agent, helps the body when destroying viruses and other harmful microbes. For this reason, many scientists recommend the astragalus root for those who have a compromised immune system. People who frequently fall victim to colds and get respiratory infections are prime candidates for an astragalus root user. It is also helpful to people with more serious conditions such as cancer, since the body is weakened when trying to fight a disease.

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