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Saturday, October 22, 2005

A New Paradigm for Aging

I believe that we need to create a new attitude toward aging in the United States. We do not do senior citizens a favor by attempting to make life easier for them. Many of the health and mobility problems experienced as we age are caused from immobility and in our society we make it easy to be immobile. The idea of taking it easy as we get older should be discarded and replaced with a new outlook.
I spoke recently with a 30-year-old acquaintance and told her that I taught resistance training classes for senior citizens. She said, “Oh, that’s wonderful. You can have them play games and pretend to be animals.” When I replied that we did squats and shoulder presses just like she does at the gym, her eyes opened wide in disbelief.

Why does our society assume that when we become “senior citizens” we should be treated like children? Her attitude is what’s wrong with the general public’s beliefs about aging.

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