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Friday, October 21, 2005

Negotiating on Common Ground

Most good negotiators will suggest that you find common ground with the other party. This maybe a wise tactic and generally can work well. Yet, if you find this tactic being used on you, you might wish to have a strategy to make it very tough for the other person to find common ground.

The best method I have found was to ask the other party; “you seem to be trying to find common ground so that we can move forward in our negotiations, is that true?” If they say no, they will generally touch their face, as itches occur when one it lying. If they touch their face tell them; “I am a very good body language reader and you have just told me a lie, I find it hard to negotiate with someone I do not trust” then touch your face like they did in an exaggerated way. If they say; “Yes, we would like to find common ground” then immediately go into what I call my Common Ground Speech. It is an old lawyer trick, which will really aggravate you if you hear it. It is the definitional rhetoric game and it goes something like this.

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