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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Life As A Life On Purpose Coach

Have you ever reflected back over your life and the people who have made significant contributions to where you are today? When I do, one person who comes immediately to mind is Judy Billman, my first coach. I hired Judy back in the mid 80's when no one knew what a 'business coach' was, so Judy called herself a business consultant. Lucky for me, she was really a coach. Most of our work together was having me look within myself and seeing 'who I was being that was keeping my foot nailed to the floor,' one of Judy's phrases that has stuck with me.

Through working with Judy, I learned there's a coach within all of us, because there's a desire to serve and contribute to others. I also learned the tremendous power that's available in a coaching relationship. So much so, that when I eventually sold my veterinary practice, the goal which I'd hired Judy to help me fulfill, I added being a coach to my dream list of also wanting to be a freelance writer and speaker.

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