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Monday, October 24, 2005

Man's Waist Size May Predict Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

New studies concluded that man's waist size may predict much more about his risk of developing type 2 diabetes type than any other used measures. Currently doctors use body mass index (BMI) a measure of weight in relation to height to estimate a patient's risk of developing type 2 diabetes and advise him how to lower his risk, such as by losing weight and changing their diet.

Many opinions say that men should have a waist size of less than 40 inches to help prevent developing of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. But recent medical observations say the cutoff for a man's waist size may need to be lowered to 34 inches. As waist size climbed above this level, type 2 diabetes risk rose progressively, as follows:

  • waist size of 34 to 36 doubled diabetes risk.
  • waist size of 36 to 38 inches nearly tripled the risk.
  • waist size of 38 to 40 inches was associated with five times the risk.
  • waist size of 40 to 62 inches was associated with 12 times the risk.

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