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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Making Teams Work for MLM Business

Pick up the latest U.S and European MLM business books and you will find case studies on MLM business teams, theories on how to develop teams for increased productivity, and ideas for MLM activities, which turn previously, discontented employees into smooth running teams. There are solid reasons why businesses considered using MLM teams. The reasons are such things as the need or desire for: increased productivity, increased quality of goods and services, better quality of goods and services, better quality of work life for employees, cost reduction, reduced employee turnover, reduced spoken and unspoken conflicts within the workplace, increased innovation, increased organizational MLM adaptability or flexibility.

When we speak of MLM teams, we have many different kinds in mind, some of which are: permanent organization structure, which is built around, MLM teams, temporary use of teams for special periods of time or special projects, such as merger study team, rewards recognition team, corporate wellness team; functional MLM teams, such as accounting team, marketing team, manufacturing team; interdisciplinary MLM teams, using functional areas of marketing, operations customer service to study and solve issues of customer dissatisfaction; teams with rotating leaders; teams with permanent bosses; self-managing MLM teams.

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