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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Logo Design: What You Need to Know Before Jumping on the Brandwagon

Your company is branching off a new division. Your organization is starting a new program. You and a couple of cohorts have quit the 9 to 5 (opting for the 24/7) and what pops into your head? "We need a logo! A fine logo, a professional logo. We'll put it on our stationery, business cards, website, brochures and business presentations! We'll wear it on t-shirts! It will make us official and respected. We'll be branded!"

Take a deep breath. In the history of design, never once did a design firm single-handedly brand a company solely by the creation of a logo. Logo design by itself is not branding -- it's decorating. The word branding is as ubiquitous today as the word start-up was in the dot com era, but few companies truly understand the heart of branding.

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