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Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's Amazing How Little It Takes To Get And Remain Thin! What the Diet Industry Doesn't Want You to

So many times, our assumptions limit our reality - we buy into certain so-called "truths" because they are drilled into our heads - for example, about weight loss!

Here is something that I find absolutely mind-boggling - it's the difference between the amount of calories you can eat at a very thin weight and at a heavy weight. What's so mind-boggling, you might wonder?

I'll show you.

Let's take an average-height woman, say 5 feet 4 inches tall. Let's say her ideal weight is 120 pounds.

How many calories does she get to eat to weigh 120 pounds?

2564 calories per day, even if she's not very active.

Now what if this same woman weighs 180 pounds? Then how many calories a day does she eat to maintain that heavy weight?

3096 calories.

Do you find that as amazing as I do?

Those extra 60 pounds cost her a mere 532 calories per day.

532 calories per day is not a lot to give up every day to reach a slim weight, is it?

Imagine how much easier this is if you only have thirty pounds to lose.

To weigh 150, this same woman only eats about 300 more calories a day than she did at 120 pounds!

So why does being slim seem so hard? Because that is just plain a myth.

So remember how small a change you need to get and stay slim. We're talking about approximately ten calories per pound per day. If you can give up just 200 calories per day, you end up weighing 20 pounds less.

That's without a diet - doing it that way will take longer to get to that result - but where do you want to be a year from now? Because a year from now is coming - sooner than we know it.

Start your weight loss journey now!

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