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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is Your Business Phone Number Honest?

Your business is listed in the Yellow Pages whether you buy an ad or not. Your business is listed in the Yellow Book and the other phone books, too, no purchase necessary. Yup, free listings in the yellow pages. Provided, you have a business line, in the name of your business, at the phone company. Advertising your home number as a "business" can only lead to confusion and a problem when the phone company finds out.It's as bad for your company image as having an eMail account with a free service. Spend the bucks for a real business number and a real Internet domain.

Once you have an "official" business number, the trick is to get people to remember your name when they look in the book. That's advertising's job. If you stress what's in it for them they will remember who you are when they go looking. Many times they go looking a year, or more, after hearing or seeing your ads. If it is all about them, they will remember all about you.

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