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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Is Dolphin Assisted Therapy Research The Answer?

Dolphin assisted therapy research is a therapeutic method used mostly with special needs people. This type of therapy is using both professional help as well as well trained dolphins. This is a mix between occupational therapy, physiotherapy and animal therapy. This type of therapy is also used to feed results to research as to discover both benefits and inconvenient to using this style of therapy and if the benefits outweighing the inconvenient or not. This way, researchers will be able eventually to decide if this style of therapy should be discontinued or not.

What kind of exercises can be done during dolphin assisted therapy? Well, you have two kinds of ways to use dolphinsÂ’ assistance in this type of therapy: in and out of the water. But first, therapy must be done in the water to allow the person to build a relationship with the dolphin.

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