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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

How to Buy Online, With Confidence

So, you’ve decided you’re ready to take the leap into buying online. You know there are risks involved in buying online, and you still have questions that need answers. Well, here is your introductory class. Hopefully, we will have answered all the basic questions when you finish reading this article, and you’ll really be ready to actually buy online. Let’s begin, at the beginning.

Your first order of business is to determine who to shop. Shop only the online storefronts that offer secure processing of your order. Secure online processing refers to the safe transmission of your name, address and credit card information. Generally, this means some sort of scrambling of your information. Most consumers concentrate only on the credit card information, however, with your full name and address really good identity thieves can gain access to your credit information. Buying online can be quite a dangerous proposal if the merchant you purchase your items from does not offer a secure purchase sight. Merchants offering a secure purchase sight will display, somewhere on their homepage, a small lock icon. Usually, there will also be a message that says, “This is a secure order sight.” This lets any online buyer know their order and subsequent credit card information will be transmitted via encryption, with security measures in place that work in conjunction with the encryption coding. It is this single issue that prevents many would-be shoppers, with expendable cash, from buying online. They simply are not willing to risk identity theft in order to buy online.

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