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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How To Be A Cold Calling Superstar!

Our emotions and feelings are changing all of the time based on our interpretation of events. Does this mean that even a sales superstar feels bad if they lose a big deal? Of course they do. They wouldn’t be human if they didn’t. It’s natural for your feelings to fluctuate as you go about your business.

Take a moment and imagine a bad day selling on the phone. It’s been awful. You’ve been cold calling for over 3 hours and you’ve had rejection after rejection after rejection. You’ve had enough and you’re bored and disconsolate. How would you be sitting? Most people would be leaning forward, hunched up. Your head might be down, your breathing shallow. You’d be speaking quietly and your hand may well be partly covering your mouth. You’d probably be looking down too and your facial expression would be boredom. But I didn’t have tell you any of that. You already know what physiology goes with a bad day on the phone or in any selling scenario.

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