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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

How an Internet Business Can Outperform a Brick and Mortar Business

Many “how to become an entrepreneur” type books are being published everyday and people are flocking to franchise fairs to learn how they can ditch the rat race and start the business of their dreams. Many of such people start their brick and mortar business part time while they are still working and because it is offline causes them great stress and a great lack of sleep as they struggle to balance their day jobs and their part time business. An internet business on the other hand, if largely automated, can allow you to make money online even while you are sleeping. This article will highlight several aspects where an internet business can outperform an offline business.

Firstly, an internet business that sells an online service like service that can be highly automated can potentially outperform an offline business. An example of this is Amazon and Travelocity who are able to cut their costs of hiring staff by having people fill up the forms and book their travel tours.

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