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Friday, October 21, 2005

Horse or Zebra? It Can Happen To Anyone

There is a saying in diagnostics, "if it sounds like a herd of horses running, look to make sure they're not Zebras"...
In other words, don't look or only see the obvious, it could be something else...
This is not only true for disease, but in life itself. I have worked as a formulary for over 20 years, locked away in my little confined space, reading, researching, experimenting, looking at not only the obvious, but probing the unusual also. When I leave my confined space and go out into the community, I forget all about the parameters that are set in the work space...and that is when I get into trouble.
We had a man that sought our company out in 2003, shortly after we had released a very nice product. This man came into our small company promising business expertise and so forth. We were cautious and would sign no agreement with him, hired our own business manager with a MBA, tried to do those things that are right, but, even that didn't help.
This man stole company checks from us, stole the managers social security number and name from company documents, he and his wife opened a commercial account in a name similar to our company, used the managers social security number and name, signed off the back of the checks in our company name and took the money. Then he came back and is trying to sue for 49% of our company and all of my formulas saying that he is “owed” it.
Don't worry, we paid a bunch of money to protect ourselves from him and the Idaho State Bank that allowed him to do all of this. It's such a shame, to be victims of what is suppose to be federal crimes, and still have to pay and pay and pay again in order to protect yourself, your life works, and your home from people who don't understand how to work but who know how to intimidate others with physical threats so as to avoid prosecution. Do you know that the FBI sent a directive out in the Spring of 2005 stating that if a bank fraud case is not worth 300,000.00, that they are not to pursue it, so if you steal 299,000.00 from a bank using the same methods, I guess the FBI doesn't have to get involved, somebody is just SOL.
Ed Wilton and his wife, Kelley as we will call them, seemed to be nice people, good people, wanting to help and be kind, but as you can see, they're Zebras.
Idaho being the back water state it is, is slow to press anything against these people. Mr Wilton and his wife have done this to at least 3 other companies in the state of Idaho. Why are they not pursued? Mr. Wilton has at least 10 million dollars in the bank, although the IRS can't seem to find it as Mr. Wilton put the money in other peoples accounts, runs a pornography business, which isn't illegal unless it is kiddie porn, which he is also suspected of (but the witnesses keep disappearing), runs fly-by-night finance businesses that seem to go bankrupt every other month, has other homes in other states that he runs to when the Prosecuting attorney here decides he doesn't like him.
However, Mr. Wilton was arrested recently for stealing Internet services from the local "Rape Crisis Center", I believe he called them "A bunch of whining babies". The Rape Crisis Center has said that Mr. Wilton has often threatened the women that work and visit the office. Can you say "low life predator?".

Allegedly, Mr. Wilton, his wife Kelley and Mr. Wilton's other brothers, run the largest Escort Service in the US, called U.S. Leggs, which caters to all our State, Local and Federal Officials. Mr. Wilton has his girls take our politicians back to their rooms, which are wired with sound and cameras, have sex and afterwards, Mr. Wilton and his partners blackmail our leaders in order to run their prostitution rings, drug rings, and allow criminals to go without jail time when they get caught, because they work for Mr. Wilton. (Mr. Wilton has bragged several times about the fact that he not only has a US Attorney in his pocket, but also a couple of State Supreme Court Justices.)
We knew nothing about any of this activity with Mr. Wilton, until the State Police knocked on our door one day with Mr. And Mrs. Wilton's criminal file under their arms.
The local authorities have not arrested Mr. And Mrs Wilton for identity theft, fraud or forgery, patent theft, extortion, racketeering or some of the other crimes he and his wife is suspected of, because they are afraid of Mr. Wilton's connections to the State of Idaho, and being federal crimes, they don't want to step on anyones toes. Unfortunately, the Federal Government doesn't have time to clean up the streets of the US and save our own community from these kinds of terrorists that are home-made and aggressive in other ways, who's sole intention is to bankrupt and steal any idea's or company that may offer good jobs or benefits to our own hardworking citizens.
The moral of our story to you is...they may look like good, honest, kind and benevolent people. They may say that they are only trying to help...they may look like horses, but before you get involved, better give them a good wash and make sure you see their true stripes before you get your saddle!
Idaho is a good hiding place for all kinds of criminals if they can work themselves into our religious community, which, according to the FBI, they do. Idaho is not sophisticated in any way and their attitude is unguarded for the most part, they haven't had to deal with white collar crime as much here, or the sophistication of that kind of crime.
If you want to clean up our country from people like this, call your local, state and Federal officials,make sure that the banking laws in your state protect your business from anything like this happening again. Idaho is only one of four states that allow this type of banking, make sure your state is protecting you!!!
Now-a-days, it can happen to anyone!

D.S. Epperson is the top formulator for Home Blend Gourmet / South Pacific Health, a leader in the functional food industry in the U.S.. With 20 years of experience in Nutritional Biochemistry, she has written reference books on botanicals and manufacturing of medicines from botanicals, and published articles on health, fitness and foods. She has formulated over 240 formulas and inventions for health, the environment and agricultural uses, and continues to research and study microbial advantages in nutraceuticals and functional foods. For more information or to view the articles that she has written:

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