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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Home Remedy for Skin Cleansers

Of late home remedy for just about anything is gaining importance for obvious reasons. And home remedy for skin cleansers coming to the center stage is nothing astonishing. People who do not want to try or who are tired of using chemical therapy for skin ailments are turning to home remedies. After all your skin is the only organ of your body that shows predominantly in the public if you forget your hairdo for a while.

Well, let us come to the point straight away. Keeping your body hygienic assumes utmost importance. Take bath twice in a day if your routine permits you. (OhÂ… I hate bathing in a tub as you will have to immerse your body in that dirty water till you get out of the tub. A shower is better). Use mild bath soap without caring for its fragrance. (Fragrances are by additional chemicals).

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