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Monday, October 24, 2005

Hair Loss or Is Captain Picard Really Sexy?

Hair loss is not the end of your sex appeal. Think about it. Many women really love some famous men who are as bald as can be: Kojack (Telly Savalas), Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart), or even Detective Vick Mackey (Michael Chiklis). And even more fabulously sexy actors are losing their hair: Sean Connery and other famous men have the infamous receding hairline and women still swoon. In fact, some men voluntarily shave their heads completely bald by choice. So what’s the problem?

Losing your own hair can be a challenge. Your whole image of yourself is changing. You’re not used to seeing yourself that way. It’s an adjustment. Do you like the new guy in the mirror? Is he more than just his hairline? Or is there a lot of self-identity wrapped up in your full head of hair?

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