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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Google Your Dealership

After you get done reading this article, go to the computer and pull up I want to you try a little experiment. Try typing in your dealership name in the search area. Do you come up? Are you even ranked first, second, third? Now try typing in a few different combinations – the makes you sell plus your town or used makes and your town (Chevrolet St. Louis, Used VW Pittsburgh). Coming up now?

From my research about 90% of you won’t appear. That isn’t necessarily your fault or your website provider’s. It is something that you need to fix. Back in the “old days” (last year) it really didn’t matter how you appeared in the search engines. In this day and age the Internet Search Engines are the New Yellow Page Ads. If you didn’t have a yellow page ad in the past chances were that you wouldn’t get the first call. Search engines are the exact same way. You have to be there for them to call your website.

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