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Monday, October 24, 2005

The First Harvest

First responders arrived at the home initially, followed soon thereafter by paramedics. We picked up the dispatch over the radio scanner and prepared our minds and equipment in trauma room one. This one was a long time coming which surprised us all since the scene was within five minutes of the ER by car. 45 minutes passed before the call came telling us they were inbound.

The ambulance pulled up to the doors and he was brought in on a stretcher. He was SOA- smurfed on arrival, or perhaps I should say cyanotic for the sake of the purists, which really means that his skin was a most unappealing shade of blue. No IV line had been started, and the rescue team were bagging as they hurried him into the ER. 45 minutes on scene, four paramedics accompanying him - the focus of the time on scene had been concentrated on CPR alternating with unsuccessful attempts to intubate.

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