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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Find Out the Responsiblities of Your Life Coach

Congratulations on deciding to propel your life forward to new heights with the help of a life coach--no doubt it was a difficult step to take and involved a lot of homework to find the perfect life coach for you. A strong and excellent decision it was to make, so now let us insure your investment in yourself by providing insights into the responsibilities that your life coach has to you.

First and foremost your life coach is responsible for having you sign an agreement with him or her. This is in order to establish some ground rules (e.g., logistics, fees, scheduling, and inclusion of others if appropriate). Make sure that your agreement includes a privacy and confidentiality statement. This is critical in protecting yourself and future discoveries, developments, and creations you might make during a session or ideas you share with your coach. Do, however, be aware that coaches are legally bound to report certain activities that would bring harm to you or others.

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