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Monday, October 24, 2005

Ergonomics: Workstation Set up Do's & Don'ts

Many of us spend most of our workday sitting at a desk working on the computer, talking on the phone, sending & receiving fax messages. Poorly designed workstations can lead to debilitating neck, back and shoulder pain. This article discusses the importance of a good ergonomically designed workstation that does not necessarily require a large investment in time or finances.

The term ERGONOMICS comes from two Greek words: ERGON which means work and NOMOI, which means natural laws. Roughly translated, ergonomics is the study of human posture and positioning as it relates to the work environment. Proper posture is the key to a healthy musculoskeletal system. Good posture leads to proper alignment of the joints supporting the system against the forces of gravity. This allows our muscles to be positioned at their mid-range where they are strongest and under minimal tension. When the body has assumed proper postural alignment less demand on the joints and the muscles is required to perform movements, thus the body conserves energy and performs daily functions more efficiently. Decreased wear and tear on the joints and surrounding structures is also reduced which is a large factor for decreasing early onset of arthritis.

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