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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bad Online Article Sites

Is there such a thing as bad article websites or sites, which an author should not waste their time posting too? Some say that an author has nothing to lose by posting to free articles sites, which display their works yet I have some consideration you may not have thought of. But they are free to post to you say, while many other sites charge, how can that be bad you ask?

Good points you bring up. You see I have posted over 1600 articles on one site and have about 1200 hours in this project. I of course thinking of this advance did my research on the site and its owner. You see, before I was retired I once calculated how much I made in an hour. Without getting into those numbers, mind you the 1200 hrs. times "X" would be a heck of a lot of money. If the sight goes off line, cannot pay its people or has high turn over leading to issues down the road, I personally have a lot to lose. So, if someone with 50 articles who only made let's say $150 per hour had 37.5 hours into their project that equals $5625.00; If 100 people lose $5,625.00 that is a lot of money. Now back to the time thing, everyone loses a lot of time too. The seconds on the clock determine who wins the next stage in the race you see. I am merely pointing out something that no one else is looking at here.

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