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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Atkins & Low Carb Part 6

In this series of articles we have focused on low-carb dieting. Is it right for YOU? We have looked at some of the concerns with low-carbing, we've examined the diets of bodybuilders, and we've explained exactly how carbohydrates react in the body. In this final article on the topic of carbs, we will attempt to answer the million dollar question: should YOU start a low-carb diet?

First and foremost, please understand that the majority of physicians in the United States will not recommend a no-carb diet. By and large, doctors are going to follow the generally accepted health practices, and those practices require us to partake of all four food groups. Citing the fact that there are no long-term studies available on the effects of carbohydrate deprivation, the American Heart Association does not recommend a no-carb approach.

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