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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Amount of Exercise Is More Important Than Its Intensity

Sedentary people gain 3 to 4 pounds a year, so exercise is really important for weight and health maintenance. You should be surprised to learn that amount of exercise may be more important than its intensity, but the truth is moderate exercise regimen, such as 12 miles of brisk walking each week, can provide significant improvements in fitness levels. May be you will not lose weight, but you will gain other important benefits by exercising:

  1. improvement of your fitness level,
  2. diminution of fat,
  3. muscle tonus augmentation,
  4. improvement of your lipid panel,
  5. risks reduction of developing cardiovascular disease.

If you increase either your mileage or intensity, by going up an incline or jogging, you will achieve even greater gains. But don't stop exercising, this is very important for your health condition. You don't have to go jog, climb on the stairmaster or elliptical trainer and kill yourself. Just walk around the neighborhood after dinner and get the above benefits.

Moderate exercise induces significant improvements in two established markers of fitness: peak oxygen consumption and time to exhaustion. There is a clear link between heart health and fitness. Therefore 'it is appropriate to recommend mild exercise to improve fitness and reduce cardiovascular risk, yet encourage higher intensities and amounts for additional benefits.

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